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Titanium Variant- ***  Titanium is Very Very difficult to machine, and the materials are very expensive. There is nothing like these sabers in the entire world.  We chose this material to make something unparalleled for serious collectors.  - Solo


This is for the PRE ORDER Chassis Only.  Made from Superalloys, these chassis parts require some of the worlds most advanced custom tooling/ and technical approach to create artwork of this caliber on a micro scale.   These chassis can be used on many other sabers with some simple adaptation, and are not limited to just the Corran Horn Elite.  They include a secondary internal chassis made from Delrin to hold a myriad of soundboards( we typically use the Plecter Labs Crystal Focus), has a hinged speaker holder to access recharge port/ micro SD card. 

This chassis is comprised of over several dozen individual parts, which fit together with the precision of a swiss timepeice. 

Chassis will come with 3 custom synthetic crystals.  Secures to hilt using one large hidden faster, all fasteners are included to assemble chassis.  Not only is this chassis a smaller form factor, it will fit inside almost any saber. 



1.13 inches in diameter

4.59 inches in length( Just the chassis) 

Setup for a 20mm speaker


*Pre Orders are none refundable. 


Corran Horn Elite- Titanium Chassis ( Titanium, Brass, Synthetic Crystals)

SKU: TiCH-0001
Out of Stock
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