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I purchased a Greedo Killer kit and some batteries from Solo's Hold and Aaron was very professional and straight forward. The turnaround time on my order was faster than expected and I couldn't be happier with my kit. I look forward to doing business with Solo's Hold in the future.

Adam W.

January 29, 2019

It didn’t take long in the community to come across Solos Hold. Glad I did, Aaron at Solos has been quite pleasant to work with on some commissions and communication has been great. The time and effort goes into the products and can’t wait to see what comes up down the road. Current projects: TFU2

Austin J.

January 29, 2019

Hey Aaron,

I wanted to write a testimonial for your site due to everything you did to help me with my TFU2 saber. I can't express enough how much I appreciate it.

My experience with Solo's Hold has been nothing short of exceptional. Aaron's attention to detail is second-to-none and his customer service is outstanding. After the latest Star Wars boom I went searching for a lightsaber and was directed to Aaron, and after reading such wonderful testimonials on numerous forums, I reached out to him. Aaron was an absolute pleasure to work with and helped me every step of the way in receiving my dream saber and achieving the look I wanted for it. In an industry where customer service and ethics are being overlooked, Solo's Hold is the exception. This company will have my business for years to come.

Thank you for everything, Aaron.

All the best,


Project: Siamese Jade Custom Sabers:
I contacted Aaron at Solo's Hold about doing a custom pair of sabers—I was very inspired by some of his custom Mara Jade hilts and wanted to do a pair of Jade's. After my initial email, we spoke several times via phone, text, and email ironing out details, him giving me suggestions to increase performance to aesthetics, discussing timelines, etc. Working with Aaron was such a simple and fun process, I honestly wish I had an endless supply of money to just keep having custom sabers built! It was a really exciting and rewarding process getting to explain what was in my head and to have him take my idea and improve upon it until the final product was complete and sitting in a neatly packed box on my doorstep. Aarons attention to detail, craftsmanship and customer focused ethics in an industry that honestly lacks in all 3 categories was great to see. If you want something custom, or just want something that is built to last, you owe it to yourself to contact Solo's Hold.

—J. King


After having seen a number of Tron's previous works and being greatly impressed with these, I finally contacted him for a Jade saber commission late December 2013. I wanted a Steam Punk inspired look.

We talked about what I wanted and I listened to some ideas he wanted to try on the hilt that heretofore, had not been ever attempted—a crystal chamber. Tron followed up with build pics and he was very accommodating to what I wanted on the hilt but at the same time I gave Tron carte-blanche on the project at hand. I gave him artistic license to apply whatever he thought would work best for the saber as a whole. Over the two month period of the commission, Tron followed up with build pics and videos on LEDs he was testing that would be going into the hilt.

The final results were quite exceptional. I appreciated the fact that Tron put a lot of thought into the weathering of the hilt. It was not just weathered for the sake of having the hilt weathered. It was weathered with the idea of having been handled where the hand would naturally fall on certain areas of the hilt and on areas where it was least touched upon.

For any saber commission, I heartily recommend Tron to anyone who wishes to commission him for a saber build!

—Jedicri, of the IRA Forum

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Thank you!

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